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College Football Preseason Polls Should Be Eliminated

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Preseason polls have always been a staple in the college football world, but after the release of the coach’s poll for 2007, it is apparent that anyone following college athletics could come up with a preseason poll.

USC is the number one team in the poll, followed by LSU, Florida, Texas, and Michigan.

Wow, must have really took some deep thought to come up with those teams. USC is in the middle of a dynasty and as long as they are, they will be the preseason #1.

LSU was the hottest team at the end of last season, so naturally, the genius pollsters just assume that they will continue right where they left off, so they’re #2.

Florida is the defending national champion meaning that they automatically can be no worse then the third best team in the country the following year.

Texas returns a big name quarterback, and they’re still riding the wave of popularity that Vince Young created a couple years ago, good enough for the #4 spot in the poll.

Michigan is Michigan, so that assures them that they are in the top five of the preseason polls for as long as they have a football program.

See, these latest rankings are just another example of why college football needs to do away with these preseason polls. They are not fair for teams that have big season’s but start to far down in the preseason to make up the ground necessary to get into a BCS Bowl.

Rutgers last season had a strong start, but it took all the way until late in the year when they beat Louisville to get any respect in the polls. where is that Rutgers team, who returns most of their starters from a year ago, 16th. Rutgers is not a name associated with top college football so they automatically start at a disadvantage to the big name programs.

College football is all about generating money, and the television networks make the most money with the big name programs, the powers to be know and understand that, so they use these preseason polls to manipulate the season and make it as tough as possible for smaller programs to make it to the big bowls.

As long as these polls continue to come out before the season starts, it will be people just like you and I, rating the teams on past performance and who we want to see on television in January.

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