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College Football Gamblers Hit Jackpot in Opening Weeks

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Everyone has that friend that claims he makes money gambling on football every season, you know, the one that claims to have called all the upsets before they happened, while also saying that was his big money game of the weekend.

Turns out that there are some of those people out there early in the college football season. Gamblers have much better returns early in the year as opposed to the middle and the end.

This happens for several reasons, none of which are in favor of the gambler.

First off, the odds makers are basically compiling off season and past performance data to help calculate early season odds, so, naturally, there is not much hard facts and teams can under or over perform in the early stages of the season.

Once these teams play a few games, odds makers have more to go on and things become tougher for gamblers.

The other reason early season is a gamblers paradise is money. Gamblers have plenty of money saved from an off season of non betting, so they are gambling with the thought of if they lose, it will not hurt them.

As the season rolls on and these gamblers lose some money here, and some money there, they begin worrying about losing money they cannot afford to. It is at this time that the pendulum swings in the houses favor.

Any gambler will tell you that if you are gambling with scared money, you have no chance.

So when the season kicks off in a few weeks, good luck is wished to all people who put a wager on a football game, but just try to enjoy your early season winnings, and remember that feeling, because when you are throwing things in disgust come the halfway point of the year, you will need some good thoughts to carry you through the tough times.