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Day Two Of NFL Draft Is All About Value

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Now that the first day of the draft is over, it is time for teams to turn their attention to fitting specific areas of need, and finding the less known, so called projects, who may become star players.

One of the players that fills that role is Louisville running back Michael Bush, who was projected much higher until he suffered a season ending injury last year. Due to the injury, Bush fell to the fourth round where he was snatched up by the Oakland Raiders.

Another of these sleeper picks in the fourth round could be Ohio State running back Antonio Pittman. He is coming out of a pro style offense at Ohio State and was drafted by New Orleans with the 8th pick in the round and the 107th pick overall.

One of the main surprises of the second day had to due with Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss. The surprise was not that the Raiders traded Moss, who was believed to be on trading block all off season, but who he was traded to, the New England Patriots. The Pats have had success acquiring a perceived troubled player and making them fit into their system, as proof by former Bengals running back Corey Dillon.

A couple fifth rounders to keep an eye on also both come from Ohio State. Defensive End Jay Richardson was selected by Oakland with the first pick in the round and the 138th pick overall, and Quarterback Troy Smith was selected by Baltimore at the end of the round with a compensation pick at #174 overall.

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