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College Football Teams Ready For Final Preparations

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Players have been working all summer long to prepare for the upcoming college football season. Some have hit the weights hard, others have gone on nutritional diets to get their bodies in shape, but all that is over now and it’s time to start thinking regular season.

The fall officially begins when players report back to their dorms and attend their first classes of the new school year. Now that that has all been done, the focus switches to final preparations for their first game.

There is less than two weeks left before the first game of the 2007 college football season. What does that mean for the coaches and players?

First off, the hitting gets a little bit more intense in practice. Next, the meetings are a little bit longer as coaches try to put in their last minute game plans.

The pep rallies have begun and the growing excitement around campus is coming to a high point, the page has been turned from summer to fall and hope springs eternal for players on campuses all across the nation.

Everybody begins their season with the same hopes and dreams of winning their conference, and for some, winning a national championship, and until that first game is complete, all involved believe their hopes and dreams will come true.

Less than two weeks until college football begins, start preparing and getting excited, no matter who your team may be, because for two more weeks, every college team in the land is first in their conference.

Super Bowl Rematch Tonight In Preseason Football

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The Chicago Bears have gone an entire off season thinking about the Super Bowl and how close they came to winning a championship. Now they set their sites on the new year and have a familiar foe waiting in their second preseason game, the Indianapolis Colts.

It is not expected that either teams stars will play many downs in this game, but the Bears will surely play more regulars as evidence in the point spread for the game. The Bears are favored on the road by 2.5.

The total for the game is 35.5, which also points to the idea that Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Marvin Harrison, and the rest of the Colts offense will spend much of this game watching from the sidelines.

The Bears have had a tough off season as they have released star player Tank Johnson and have had other distractions that have kept the focus off the field.

Indianapolis also lost a bunch of players from last years championship team, and many critics are wondering if they have lost too much to repeat as champions.

Tonight’s game will be televised on ESPN, the network will also be using the preseason to work out the kinks in their broadcast team. Ron Jaworski takes the place of Joe Theisman, and joins Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser.

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