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Sports Becoming Larger

Fantasy Sports Becoming A Larger Then Life Industry

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Fantasy Sports in the United States has grown to such enormous proportions that there are study’s out there about the affect that the game has on the workplace.

Football is the biggest of fantasy sports, which is a direct relation to professional football being the most popular sport in the country.

People will do crazy things when it comes to their fantasy football teams. Friends that have grown up together get into heated arguments and sometimes break off friendships over the game.

Family life is compromised as the owner spends hour upon hour deciding to start Rudi Johnson or Edgerrin James on a given Sunday. Meanwhile, that same person can’t find ten minutes to speak to their children about school.

The reasons for this phenomenon are growing by the season. First, people claimed they joined fantasy leagues to break up their work week.

Then, the in style reason was because so many of the games on Sunday were unwatchable due to bad teams playing, that there needed to be something to add excitement.

The last two reasons, however, are what makes people come back year after year, and also what attracts new clientele, ego and money.

Along the way growing up, nothing was more amusing then trying to be better then all of your friends, no matter what the challenge, bragging rights were always on the line.

As you get older, its harder and harder to keep up with your friends, and even more difficult when the spouses and children are involved. The logical thing to do when you can’t get to a basketball court or dart board, get involved with fantasy sports, keeps the ego in check for a couple months.

Money is the other driving factor these days. Gamblers like to place bets on individual games, but as soon as they found out there was money to be made in fantasy sports, they were on board for the long haul.

The other side is non gamblers, they also participate because it just seems logical to spend a few hundred bucks over the course of 2-3 months to try and double, or in some cases triple your original investment.

No matter how you look at it, fantasy sports is a rapidly growing part of our society, embrace it and give it a try, if not, you will be in the minority.