Lobbying for Sports books

Delaware Still Lobbying for Sportsbooks

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The State of Delaware has long been trying to enact legislation that would allow gambling on sports as a way to raise much needed revenue.

Delaware is the only state east of the Mississippi River that is, under federal law, allowed to offer this type of gambling. There are three other states, Montana, Oregon, and Nevada that have laws pre-dating the federal governments ban on sports betting, which allow them to utilize this type of wagering. Of those, only Nevada does take full advantage of the law.

Gary Ward, a lobbyist for International Sports Link, Inc., said that, “the estimated annual revenues of $70 million are conservative.” Ward said he would like to see sports betting expanded to beyond the confines of the three established racinos currently in operation in Delaware.

Governor Ruth Ann Minner has previously gone on record as opposed to sports betting and said she will veto any legislation for it.

Ward believes the governor’s position may have weakened a bit as she has agreed to the formation of a task force to study the issue.

The state of Delaware, as well as most other states, are in the middle of a financial crunch and are seeking ways to generate much needed revenue.

Ward is lobbying for sports betting parlors to be open in areas such as Rehoboth Beach-Lewes, which is a resort destination area, and Seaford-Laurel area, which is further inland.

Ward stated that with the “crackdown on Internet sports betting, the demand for this form of gambling is even higher. Delaware needs this ? it’s a gold mine, it is wide open to the whole Northeast corridor.”

Delaware and State Lottery officials would like to see sports gambling only at existing, established racinos, claiming that sports betting alone may not be enough to attract significant numbers of new gamblers.

Ward?s argument is that “From my perspective, these are destination players who are not interested in slot machines, although they are interested in horse racing, so simulcasting should be included.”

George Bunting, D-Bethany Beach, first proposed the idea several years ago for sports betting saying, “I’m not a great advocate of gambling, but it still goes on.”

Bunting thinks the task force should take a look at sports betting beyond the three racinos, “Placing betting just at the three racinos may ultimately not be the way to produce the most money,” Bunting said.

Dan Short, a republican from Seaford serving his first term in the House agreed with Bunting, and said the task force should take a serious look at Ward?s proposal. “Potential parlors on Route 1, Route 13 and Route 113 should be put on the table.” He said, adding, “It would bring 80 to 100 new jobs to Sussex County plus the additional revenue.”


Day Two Of NFL Draft

Day Two Of NFL Draft Is All About Value

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Now that the first day of the draft is over, it is time for teams to turn their attention to fitting specific areas of need, and finding the less known, so called projects, who may become star players.

One of the players that fills that role is Louisville running back Michael Bush, who was projected much higher until he suffered a season ending injury last year. Due to the injury, Bush fell to the fourth round where he was snatched up by the Oakland Raiders.

Another of these sleeper picks in the fourth round could be Ohio State running back Antonio Pittman. He is coming out of a pro style offense at Ohio State and was drafted by New Orleans with the 8th pick in the round and the 107th pick overall.

One of the main surprises of the second day had to due with Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss. The surprise was not that the Raiders traded Moss, who was believed to be on trading block all off season, but who he was traded to, the New England Patriots. The Pats have had success acquiring a perceived troubled player and making them fit into their system, as proof by former Bengals running back Corey Dillon.

A couple fifth rounders to keep an eye on also both come from Ohio State. Defensive End Jay Richardson was selected by Oakland with the first pick in the round and the 138th pick overall, and Quarterback Troy Smith was selected by Baltimore at the end of the round with a compensation pick at #174 overall.

College Football Teams

College Football Teams Ready For Final Preparations

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Players have been working all summer long to prepare for the upcoming college football season. Some have hit the weights hard, others have gone on nutritional diets to get their bodies in shape, but all that is over now and it’s time to start thinking regular season.

The fall officially begins when players report back to their dorms and attend their first classes of the new school year. Now that that has all been done, the focus switches to final preparations for their first game.

There is less than two weeks left before the first game of the 2007 college football season. What does that mean for the coaches and players?

First off, the hitting gets a little bit more intense in practice. Next, the meetings are a little bit longer as coaches try to put in their last minute game plans.

The pep rallies have begun and the growing excitement around campus is coming to a high point, the page has been turned from summer to fall and hope springs eternal for players on campuses all across the nation.

Everybody begins their season with the same hopes and dreams of winning their conference, and for some, winning a national championship, and until that first game is complete, all involved believe their hopes and dreams will come true.

Less than two weeks until college football begins, start preparing and getting excited, no matter who your team may be, because for two more weeks, every college team in the land is first in their conference.

Super Bowl Rematch Tonight In Preseason Football

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The Chicago Bears have gone an entire off season thinking about the Super Bowl and how close they came to winning a championship. Now they set their sites on the new year and have a familiar foe waiting in their second preseason game, the Indianapolis Colts.

It is not expected that either teams stars will play many downs in this game, but the Bears will surely play more regulars as evidence in the point spread for the game. The Bears are favored on the road by 2.5.

The total for the game is 35.5, which also points to the idea that Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Marvin Harrison, and the rest of the Colts offense will spend much of this game watching from the sidelines.

The Bears have had a tough off season as they have released star player Tank Johnson and have had other distractions that have kept the focus off the field.

Indianapolis also lost a bunch of players from last years championship team, and many critics are wondering if they have lost too much to repeat as champions.

Tonight’s game will be televised on ESPN, the network will also be using the preseason to work out the kinks in their broadcast team. Ron Jaworski takes the place of Joe Theisman, and joins Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser.

Polls Should Be Eliminated

College Football Preseason Polls Should Be Eliminated

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Preseason polls have always been a staple in the college football world, but after the release of the coach’s poll for 2007, it is apparent that anyone following college athletics could come up with a preseason poll.

USC is the number one team in the poll, followed by LSU, Florida, Texas, and Michigan.

Wow, must have really took some deep thought to come up with those teams. USC is in the middle of a dynasty and as long as they are, they will be the preseason #1.

LSU was the hottest team at the end of last season, so naturally, the genius pollsters just assume that they will continue right where they left off, so they’re #2.

Florida is the defending national champion meaning that they automatically can be no worse then the third best team in the country the following year.

Texas returns a big name quarterback, and they’re still riding the wave of popularity that Vince Young created a couple years ago, good enough for the #4 spot in the poll.

Michigan is Michigan, so that assures them that they are in the top five of the preseason polls for as long as they have a football program.

See, these latest rankings are just another example of why college football needs to do away with these preseason polls. They are not fair for teams that have big season’s but start to far down in the preseason to make up the ground necessary to get into a BCS Bowl.

Rutgers last season had a strong start, but it took all the way until late in the year when they beat Louisville to get any respect in the polls. where is that Rutgers team, who returns most of their starters from a year ago, 16th. Rutgers is not a name associated with top college football so they automatically start at a disadvantage to the big name programs.

College football is all about generating money, and the television networks make the most money with the big name programs, the powers to be know and understand that, so they use these preseason polls to manipulate the season and make it as tough as possible for smaller programs to make it to the big bowls.

As long as these polls continue to come out before the season starts, it will be people just like you and I, rating the teams on past performance and who we want to see on television in January.

College Football Gamblers

College Football Gamblers Hit Jackpot in Opening Weeks

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Everyone has that friend that claims he makes money gambling on football every season, you know, the one that claims to have called all the upsets before they happened, while also saying that was his big money game of the weekend.

Turns out that there are some of those people out there early in the college football season. Gamblers have much better returns early in the year as opposed to the middle and the end.

This happens for several reasons, none of which are in favor of the gambler.

First off, the odds makers are basically compiling off season and past performance data to help calculate early season odds, so, naturally, there is not much hard facts and teams can under or over perform in the early stages of the season.

Once these teams play a few games, odds makers have more to go on and things become tougher for gamblers.

The other reason early season is a gamblers paradise is money. Gamblers have plenty of money saved from an off season of non betting, so they are gambling with the thought of if they lose, it will not hurt them.

As the season rolls on and these gamblers lose some money here, and some money there, they begin worrying about losing money they cannot afford to. It is at this time that the pendulum swings in the houses favor.

Any gambler will tell you that if you are gambling with scared money, you have no chance.

So when the season kicks off in a few weeks, good luck is wished to all people who put a wager on a football game, but just try to enjoy your early season winnings, and remember that feeling, because when you are throwing things in disgust come the halfway point of the year, you will need some good thoughts to carry you through the tough times.